Painting 7

On The Dean, East Linton
Robert Noble

Dr Susanna Paisley is a conservation biologist, who has lived and worked across Latin America. A world expert on spectacled bears (the only species of bear in South America), she now lives in London and works with a variety of environmental groups and universities.

In 1997, Susanna Paisley was awarded the Whitley Award for her work in the Bolivian Andes and her project inaugurated research in a region which is estimated to hold one of the richest assemblages of terrestrial biota on earth.

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For the fourteen weeks of the 'Waterlog' exhibition in Lincoln, seven different landscape paintings from the Lincolnshire Collections were hung in the gallery, all but one of them veiled with black silk.

Every fortnight, a different painting was unveiled, and an audio recording was made during a walk undertaken by Pope, in the company of a different writer. These audio files, made available through this site, recorded the writers attempts to commit the designated paintings to memory and recollect them in detail, out in the open countryside.

The seven walks and the corresponding audio files can be accessed through this site alongside the earlier series of ten walks and ten audio recollections, accompanying the Norwich exhibition of 'Waterlog', which can be accessed via the link at the bottom left.


Listen to a recording of Susanna Paisley recalling the painting (MP3 : 10.3MB)
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